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US Consultant ODS-Petrodata, the company that provides independent and authoritative source for market intelligence, data, market research and consulting services, predicted that the oil industry will have a shortage of premium jackup rigs by 2015.

The Jackup Rig Market Report: 2010-2018 draws conclusions about the evolution of the market over the past and coming years. This report contains a detailed study of the three distinct categories of rig markets: premium jackup rigs (with independent leg units with rated water depth of more than 300 feet), commodity jackup rigs (with independent leg units with rated water depth of 300 feet or less) and mat-supported units. This report also includes the forecast on how the premium jackup market will reach a potential shortage of units by year 2015.

In this latest report, ODS-Petrodata said that its analysts presented market developments during the rise and fall of commodity pricing and government regulations. It said that their analysis predicts a widening divergence in demand between the premium and commodity jackup rigs which will eventually lead to a possible shortage of premium jackup units by 2015. For more information, see ODS-Petrodata Forecast Report.


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