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ExxonMobil, the world’s largest publicly traded international oil and gas company mentioned that its product: Mobil SHC Synthetic Lubricants for industrial company can deliver “outstanding” protection for oil and gas manufacturing equipment, even  reduce fuel utilization by up to 1.5%.

At the 18th International oil and gas industry exhibition and conference or OSEA 2010, one of the exhibitors is ExxonMobil who presented its comprehensive line of industrial lubricants which are developed to help oil and gas producers improve the performance of their equipment and increase their productivity.

At the OSEA event, ExxonMobil presented the latest addition to its Mobil SHC family, the Mobil SHC Pegasus. This lubricant delivers exceptional equipment protection and helps reduce fuel consumption by up to 1.5% compared to standard gas engine oils.

Mobile SHC Pegasus has the potential to increase oil drain intervals almost four times longer than standard natural gas engine oils, thus, waste oil is minimized and downtime is reduced. This lubricant also has extended drain capabilities and according to ExxonMobil, through these capabilities, Mobile SHC Pegasus can help oil and gas manufacturers improve their operational efficiency and safety.

ExxonMobil confirmed its commitment to advance research and development to stay at the head of lubrication technology and to provide customers with a range of lubricants to increase their productivity. In order to support with the rising global demand for trustworthy supply of energy, ExxonMobil has a network of distributors around the globe that can help ensure that the products are available worldwide even in isolated areas.

ExxonMobil also presented its other lubricant products like Mobil SHC 800 series long life synthetic oils for stationary gas turbines, Mobile Jet Oil II for aero derived gas turbines, Mobil SHC Pegasus energy-efficient gas engine oil, Mobil SHC 600 Series synthetic gear, bearing and circulating oils and many other series of lubricants. To know more about ExxonMobil lubricants that was presented, see ExxonMobil at the OSEA2010 International Conference.


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